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Basic information
MakeCLAAS 840 Axion
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Tractor typeFarm Tractor
Wheel configurationSingle wheels
Traction4 WD
Cylinders6 cyl.
Hours450 h
Serial numberA6100961
Condition level grade (1-5)condition iconcondition iconcondition iconcondition iconempty icon  4/5
Date of latest inspection15.3.2020 21:54:
Top speed30 mph
Air conditioning
AdBlue (Diesel Exhaust Fluid)
Continuously Variable Transmission, CVT
Driver seat air suspension
Cabin suspension
Clutchless forward-reverse shuttle
Climate control
Additional informationWarrenty April 30 2023 or 2000 hrs Service till April 30 2023 or 3000 hrs
Transmission ratio 50 km/h
PROACTIV front axle with brakes
Quick-release axle, 10-hole rims, external width 3.00 m
Parking brake on REVERSHIFT lever
Front mudguards, pivoting, 620 mm
Without rear wheel weights
4 x flange for quick-release axle (dual wheel)
CMATIC 2.0 - Disable cruise control with throttle pedal, CIS+
235 hp max. output, 225 hp type-approved rated output, ECE R 120
Large diesel pre-filter
Battery master switch, electronic
Winter diesel, down to -38°C
Cold-start kit down to -30°C
Large diesel pre-filter, heated
Exhaust pipe, standard
Without air compressor
Engine brake
Cab with 4-point suspension
Rear window, heated
Rear window wiper
Electric mirror, with wide-angle mirror
Lateral mudguard extensions, rear mudguard, external width 2.55 m
Wide load lighting with turn indicators
4x LED road lights, 2x LED work lights on bonnet
LED work lights: 6x roof, front, 6x roof, rear
Work lights, LED: 2x front, 2x rear, 2x steps
Automatic climate control
Without ashtrayTJ_B02 0021 Front weight carrier 200 kg
TJ_351 0001 Relevage Av et/ou Cr Ram
TJ_B04 0000 Without linkage-mounted weight block
TJ_350 0001 Avec axe remorquage
TJ_B06 0002 Without front PTO
TJ_717 0010 Obturateur N2-N3 ss FPTO
TJ_B08 0103 Without electronic position control
TJ_I02 0033 CIS+ control terminal, colour display
TJ_709 0001 Accoudoir N2/N3 - Ss RAV
TJ_713 0002 Obturateur N3
TJ_810 0002 Obturateur N2-N3 PT Susp.
TJ_I04 0110 CMATIC with 2 engine-speed memories + CSM
TJ_I08 0251 Alternator 250 amp/hour
TJ_I10 0010 ISOBUS-ready with rear ISO socket
TJ_I18 0000 Without job management
TJ_555 0010 av AP ss TB ss GPS ready
TJ_I24 0000 Without SAT 900 GNSS receiver
TJ_I25 0011 CLAAS communication module (3G)
TJ_I26 0090 TELEMATICS professional licence – 1 year
TJ_I28 0000 Without terminal
TJ_I29 0190 CLAAS Remote Service for 5 years
TJ_I29 0210 ISOBUS activation for CEBIS Touch
TJ_I30 0000 Not GPS PILOT-ready
TJ_I40 0010 Steering interface ready
TJ_I41 0500 Trimble
TJ_I32 0301 ELECTROPILOT with reversing function
TJ_I38 0000 Without camera
TJ_557 0021 Electropilot RHR N3
TJ_J02 0040 Standard ELC (electronic linkage control)
TJ_J04 0500 Lower links, cat. 3, ball ends
TJ_J06 0600 Sway blocks rear linkage
TJ_443 0003 Support GPA41/42/44
TJ_J08 0031 Top link, cat. 3 with ball end
TJ_J10 1013 Mounting bracket for drawbar or hitch ball
TJ_J14 0023 Drawbar, cat. 4 HD
TJ_J16 0000 Without clevis
TJ_J18 0000 Without linkage drawbar and ball set
TJ_J42 0000 Without air brakes
TJ_430 0002 fr Hyd ou PN av PAV frein
TJ_J44 0020 Hydraulic brakes
TJ_J46 0000 Without ABS connection for trailer
TJ_K02 0150 LS hydraulic system, variable displacement pump 150 l/mi
TJ_K04 2045 4 spool valves, electrohydraulic proportional
TJ_K10 0020 without front outlets when front linkage is attached
TJ_K12 0020 Power Beyond, load-sensing connections without flat face
TJ_N02 0040 CMATIC continuously variable transmission (ZF TM 25-28)
C L A A S Service and Parts GmbH
33416 Harsewinkel
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machine serial no.: A6100961 AXION 840
supporting workshop: 71111 genAG Inc. - Canada
Data card
TJ_N04 0250 Transmission ratio 50 km/h
TJ_N06 0521 PROACTIV front axle with brakes
TJ_811 0003 Mono pédale Pt PROACTIV F
TJ_901 0020 FAM & Contacteur
TJ_N08 0037 Quick-release axle, 10-hole rims, external width 3.00 m
TJ_N10 0142 PTO 540 ECO + 1000
TJ_N14 0062 PTO stub, 6 splines and 21 splines 1 3/8" + 20 splines 1
TJ_N20 0010 Parking brake on REVERSHIFT lever
TJ_N22 0361 Front mudguards, pivoting, 620 mm
TJ_N26 0000 Without spacer rings
TJ_N34 0000 Without rear wheel weights
TJ_N36 0040 4 x flange for quick-release axle (dual wheel)
TJ_N38 0100 CMATIC 2.0 - Disable cruise control with throttle pedal,
TJ_P02 0616 235 hp max. output, 225 hp type-approved rated output, E
TJ_P04 0030 Large diesel pre-filter
TJ_P06 0030 Battery master switch, electronic
TJ_P08 003
Contact seller
24084 Hwy 3 East
Winkler, Manitoba R6W 4B1

Frank Unger 1-204-325-2957
+1 204 325 2957
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